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This puppet is being built the same way and with the same patterns used for the hand puppets from the show ‘casa dos ventos‘. They’ve been inspired on the traditional puppets from the Francisco Mota collection and exhibition.

Esta marioneta está a ser construída da mesma forma e usando os mesmos moldes das marionetas do espetáculo ‘casa dos ventos‘. Foram inspiradas nas marionetas tradicionais da coleção e exposição de Francisco Mota.

odd hands | mãos estranhas

These odd hands are made as if the thumb is just another regular finger of similar size, side by side aligned. Estas …

hands | mãos

For these set of hands I’ve chosen an older and harder pine wood since it’s important they’ll be of some endurance. Para …

neck | pescoço

I’ve never made the neck separated from the head. There’s always a first time. It’s an easy way to built it but …