It seems like a crime but the tradition says that it must be painted and badly done. I just love the way they used to paint the eyes.

Parece um crime mas a tradição manda que seja pintada e mal. Adoro o modo como pintavam os olhos.

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macau_fantoche_i_[photo-enVide_neFelibata]_[]_063 macau_fantoche_i_[photo-enVide_neFelibata]_[]_064

macau_fantoche_i_[photo-enVide_neFelibata]_[]_065 macau_fantoche_i_[photo-enVide_neFelibata]_[]_066

macau_fantoche_i_[photo-enVide_neFelibata]_[]_067 macau_fantoche_i_[photo-enVide_neFelibata]_[]_068


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